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Stroller Strides® 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with Stroller Strides 4-day Class Pass pass

Stroller Strides is a total body conditioning program that moms can do with their babies. It includes power walking and intervals of strength and body toning exercises using exercise tubing, the stroller and the environment.

Body Back 1 visit freeFrom $15 per visit with Body Back Drop In pass

Run MeetUp Free

Virtual Body Back From $25 per visit with Body Back Transformation passNo purchase required to enroll


8 Week Body Back Transformation $399Purchase required to enroll

Our Village Moms Club & Playgroup Free

Enjoy fun and playful activities with your child and build a tight community of moms to share advice, tips and most importantly laughter.

Stroller360 1 visit freeFrom $10 per visit with Stroller Strides 4-day Class Pass pass

Strides 360™ promises a heart-pumping workout designed to increase your endurance while also developing speed, agility, and quickness to help you sprint through mom life. Bodyweight conditioning is strategically placed to provide recovery, strength and round out your workout. It's for any mom interested in a workout that can be as hard as you need it to be on your good days or scaled back on days you’re not sure how you made it out the door! Bring your kiddos with you in the stroller or leave the kiddo at home and come play with your mom friends. Either way, the hour will fly by and leave you energized for the rest of your day!

Mini Body Back Transformation (4 weeks) $199Purchase required to enroll